Samsung – Update to S Health App Makes Working Out More Fun

Samsung is known as one of the world’s leading tech manufacturers, and they’re not just about bringing entertainment to their consumers as they are also about making sure they’re customers are at peak health. In the latest update to their S Health app, the South Korean firm may have just made exercising more fun, thus integrating sweating like mad with the fun of doing it with friends. The new patch brings some new features that do looks like it aims to bring a friendly rivalry between companions and colleagues into a more fun experience, while keeping up with your workouts.

Samsung - Update to S Health App Makes Working Out More Fun

New Update to Samsung S Health App Makes Working Out With Friends an Even More Fun Experience

So what’s new with the Samsung S Health App? As mentioned earlier, the new features bring about a friendly competition amongst friends. To start, you can now compare step counts with your friends and to those who are along your age group. You can even challenge your friends to reach certain targets for the number of steps they have to make. However, do note that this service may vary depending on your country.

You can also combine all the steps recorded within Samsung’s S Health app that have been recorded with other devices, apps, and even your own mobile device. You can also place a finger within your smartphone’s sensor to measure your heart-rate through the mobile application itself. With the information gathered, you can export them into a neat and more understandable file. The information that can be exported are that of heart-rate, blood glucose data, and blood pressure. These can then be exported to either HTML, XLS, and PDF files. Users are also able to sync their blood glucose data wirelessly from the CareSens N Premier Bluetooth Smart blood glucose meter.

When talking about the new feature to challenge your friends, it is called “Together.” With it, you can give your friends and family a challenge as to who can walk the most number of steps within a certain amount of time. From here, users are able to set a prize that they can strive for, so that everyone can keep track of their goals and progress.

When you’re falling too far behind from the pack, the Samsung S Health app will then remind you that you need to keep moving. The app also lets users of the Samsung Gear Fit 2 to easily track their progress of their activities through their wrists. This can even be done without having to open the app.


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