Combine Data In Separate Cells Into One Cell

Apple - Acquires Gliimpse

Apple – Acquires Gliimpse

Apple is known to dabble upon things that are related technology, and that notion shows within its acquisition of Gliimpse. Gliimpse assists people in collecting their medical information that is given by different pharmacies, labs, …
Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence Tools That Are Commonly Used

What is Business Intelligence and what is the utility of BI Tools? Business Intelligence (BI) is defined as any real-time, current or past information that helps various business professionals including managers analyze current/past activities to …
Pokémon Go - How to Save Battery Life

Pokémon Go – How to Save Battery Life

If you’re out and about playing the hit game that is Pokémon Go, then you’re smartphone’s battery can go from 100-percent to below 10-percent real quick. There are already many who report that the mobile …
Firefox - How to Delete Your Account

Firefox – How to Delete Your Account

The account that you use in the Firefox browser lets you sync all your passwords, bookmarks, as well as other browsing data across devices. In other words, all your data that can be found within …
Windows - How to Defrag Your Computer

Windows – How to Defrag Your Computer

When you’re using a Windows PC, perhaps you would see an application that would “Defragment” the system. What is defragmenting anyway? In basic terms, it means what it sound like – it is a reversal …

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