Ghost Detector Gadgets

Ghost Detector Gadgets

Do you want to hunt some ghost and uncover some paranormal activities? Well, if you want to do it you need to be prepare and you need to have a real ghost detector gadgets. Bellow …
Anker PowerHouse Quick Review

Anker PowerHouse Quick Review

With a silly 120,600mAh battery capacity, the Anker PowerHouse is a smart choice to portable generators. It’s four USB ports for charging gadgets, a 12V socket for powering car accessories, and an AC wall socket …
Dashbot - Make Your Car a Smart Car

Dashbot – Make Your Car a Smart Car

Because of Dashbot, shortly you will have the ability to boost your automobile in exactly the same manner of Amazon Echo’s voice control over connected gadgets. Dashbot is an in-car robot that allows users to …
Apple - Killing the Headphone Jack

Apple – Killing the Headphone Jack

There is an upcoming revolution for a lot of headphone manufacturers as Cupertino, California-based tech firm Apple is able to kill of the headphone jack. It is reported that the popular tech manufacturer is doing …
iPad - How to Extend Battery Life

iPad – How to Extend Battery Life

Picture this – you’re about to go into an important meeting with iPad in hand, and you’re already ready to bring about your project proposals that are located within the storage files of your Apple …

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