Ghost Detector Sales In South Africa

Samsung - Unveils the Notebook 7 spin

Samsung – Unveils the Notebook 7 spin

Samsung, the South Korean tech giant, has recently unveiled the quick-charging Notebook 7 spin convertible laptop, and it has priced the product with a price tag of $800. It is available in 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch …
EpicGear Morph Quick Review

EpicGear Morph Quick Review

The EpicGear Morph is a mouse that takes customization really seriously. There’s been a tendency in the last year or so for mice with changeable side plates or button positioning, but the Morph is made …
MiVue 658 Wi-Fi Dash Cam Review

MiVue 658 Wi-Fi Dash Cam Review

The MiVue 658 Wi-Fi dash cam functions as your third eye on the road with its built in attributes that enable it to capture more than what meets the eye during your everyday commutes all …
Google - Acquires Kifi for Spaces

Google – Acquires Kifi for Spaces

Even though the details are still a bit blurry at the time of writing, but Google, the well-known Internet and tech company, had just recently purchased Kifi in order to desperately try and make its …
Fitbit Alta HR Review

Fitbit Alta HR Quick Review

Sometimes life is similar to listening to the dead air between an album’s last track and also the hidden track. At least you are doing something, even if nothing is occurring. And there is the …

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