Google Chrome Gadgets

Ghost Detector Gadgets

Ghost Detector Gadgets

Do you want to hunt some ghost and uncover some paranormal activities? Well, if you want to do it you need to be prepare and you need to have a real ghost detector gadgets. Bellow …
Google - How to Secure Your Account

Google – How to Secure Your Account

For many of us, the account that we made through Google is equivalent to our lives. There might be a lot of things stored in there, such as passwords, bits and pieces of important information, …
Google Inbox – Get Things Done

Google Inbox – Get Things Done

Gmail has been Google’s email service ever since and with that comes the Gmail web applet that serves as the main site for receiving, viewing, and composing emails, but in 2015, Google made Inbox, which …
Google - Project Ara Fails

Google – Project Ara Fails

There was a time when Google teased Project Ara, which is a module phone wherein potential owners would be able to switch out modules to fit their needs. When the teaser for the phone was …

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