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Google - Project Ara Fails

Google – Project Ara Fails

There was a time when Google teased Project Ara, which is a module phone wherein potential owners would be able to switch out modules to fit their needs. When the teaser for the phone was …
Google Glass 2 Short Review

Google Glass 2 Short Review

Google Glass analyzed how folks felt about wearing smart technology in eye-wear form, and now that the fuss has died down, Google is prepared to reach an unsuspecting world with the followup. And if rumors …
Google Duo - The New FaceTime Rival

Google Duo – The New Apple FaceTime Rival

Google has officially released Google Duo, its Apple FaceTime equaling, Skype-usurping two way video dialogue program for both Android and iOS. Duo is a mobile program that was declared at Google I/O before this year …
Google - Acquires Kifi for Spaces

Google – Acquires Kifi for Spaces

Even though the details are still a bit blurry at the time of writing, but Google, the well-known Internet and tech company, had just recently purchased Kifi in order to desperately try and make its …

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