Mf 920 Data Limit

Android - How to Block Ads

Android – How to Block Ads

Have you ever experienced going through apps or when you’re surfing around the Internet using your Android device and your time looking at cute kitty pictures is often disturbed by pop-up ads? For the business …
Android - How to Back up Your Device

Android – How to Back up Your Device

Losing your Android smartphone can be an absolute nightmare, and dropping it to find it made into a million tiny pieces afterwards is no exception either. Therefore, it is always better to be safe than …
Songflip - Free Music App Review

Songflip – Free Music App Review

You might easily cast of Songflip as yet another free music-playing app for your smartphone or mobile device. But before you brush it off as junk, do note that this is the official app that …
Apple - Acquires Gliimpse

Apple – Acquires Gliimpse

Apple is known to dabble upon things that are related technology, and that notion shows within its acquisition of Gliimpse. Gliimpse assists people in collecting their medical information that is given by different pharmacies, labs, …

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