Music Player Apk By Mytechnosound Android 7

Shazam - Free Music App Review

Shazam – Free Music App Review

With an app name like Shazam, you might immediately think that it can offer a “magical” experience, and for the most part, it can. But let’s get down to the basics first; this is an …
TrackID Android – Know That Tune

TrackID for Android – Know That Tune

Music recognition apps are few but they can be very useful, there’s popular apps such as Shazam and SoudHound but Sony’s TrackID had humbler beginnings and is now one of the fastest music recognition apps …
Android Auto - How to Take Screenshots

Android Auto – How to Take Screenshots

Android devices, especially smartphones, has had a native feature for ages now wherein you can easily take screenshots of the unit’s screen, but for Android Auto, that might be a different story. Even Android Wear …
Android - How to Block Ads

Android – How to Block Ads

Have you ever experienced going through apps or when you’re surfing around the Internet using your Android device and your time looking at cute kitty pictures is often disturbed by pop-up ads? For the business …

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