Suggest A Nickname That Can Be Used In Pokemon Go

iPhone - How to Improve Battery Life

iPhone – How to Improve Battery Life

If there is one problem in which many iPhone users want improved with every iteration of the smartphone, it would be its battery life. While the phone’s potentials and capabilities grow each year, many question …
Yahoo Radar - A Chatbot Travel Guide

Yahoo Radar – A Chatbot Travel Guide

Yahoo Radar is a newly launched travel guide mobile application for the iOS mobile ecosystem. Even though the app does offer the traditional travel companion-type of functionalities, such as getting recommendations for nearby restaurants and …
Google Duo - The New FaceTime Rival

Google Duo – The New Apple FaceTime Rival

Google has officially released Google Duo, its Apple FaceTime equaling, Skype-usurping two way video dialogue program for both Android and iOS. Duo is a mobile program that was declared at Google I/O before this year …

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