Sengled Pulse Solo Review – A Lamp With a Speaker

The Sengled Pulse Solo is a lighting device with a speaker embedded into it, because why not? With modern technology, we are now able to get connected devices, especially light bulbs, that will let us control them with the use of smartphones and tablets. Today, it is even considered that just changing the colors of a smart bulb is already old hat. Therefore, why not put a speaker in there as well? But not just any speaker, the one that you can find on this Sengled lighting device comes from JBL. While that is an impressive feat, the sound quality is still leaves much to be desired.

Sengled Pulse Solo Review - A Lamp With a Speaker

The Sengled Pulse Solo Has a Built-in Speaker

The Sengled Pulse Solo is a Bluetooth-connected light bulb that will deliver 550-lumens of brightness, or a brightness level equivalent to a 50-watt light bulb. It is dimmable, and offers a warm white temperature of 2700K. What immediately sets this apart from the rest is its integrated speaker that you can immediately stream your favorite tracks to it. But the main question with this addition is that is the speaker all that’s cracked up to be?

Pairing this particular smart bulb is as simple as possible, and installing it into your lamp is as easy as putting any old ordinary light bulb into a lighting fixture. Speaking of pairing, the device can be paired with iOS and Android devices, and there are no playback issues which is a definite plus. But what makes this unit perhaps the most frustrating smart bulb on today’s market is that you would have to reconnect the speaker each time you leave and go back into the room. The bulb only relies on a Bluetooth connection, and if it had Wi-Fi then connection would not have been an issue.

While it is ingenious to put JBL speakers into the Pulse Solo, the sound quality leaves much to be desired.  The overall audio performance is lacking, and the sound, even though when placed in various areas across a room, will sound “echoey.” Even if you try out different lamps, the echo will still be there.

So, now we are brought to the question, should you buy a Sengled Pulse Solo? If you think that it is a great idea to place a speaker into a smart bulb but are not quite bothered by the sound quality, then this is a great device to own. However, if you’re an audiophile at heart, then you would probably want to stay away from this one.


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Sengled Pulse Solo Review – A Lamp With a Speaker
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