Sensoria Fitness Smart Sock Review – Bring on the Unique

The wearable device sector is inhabited mostly by gadgets that are primarily worn on the wrist, such as smart watches and smart bracelets; but then, you wouldn’t expect the Sensoria Fitness Smart Sock to come into the scene. It is a pair of connected smart socks and anklets, and the entire package is designed to assist runners in perfecting their strides.

Sensoria Fitness Smart Sock Review - Bring on the Unique

Enter the Sensoria Fitness Smart Sock

At first glance, the Sensoria Fitness Smart Sock looks just like any other low-top running sock. What separates it immediately from your normal feet warmers is that these have technology embedded in them. As a matter of fact, that technology is embedded into its fabric. The socks feature three textile sensors that are installed into its sole. These relay pressure information towards each anklet that you  also wear along with the socks in order for the device to record information. Almost towards the socks’ upper cuff is a row of five stainless steel, cone-shaped magnets. These connect with the corresponding conical indentations on the Sensoria Anklets.

As for the Sensoria Fitness Smart Anklets, these are sleek, modern half loops. These accompanying tech look very much like the Nike FuelBand, albeit sliced in half. These anklets include one row of four LED lights that are located to be perpendicular with the band. These will give visual feedback and will flash different colors depending on certain conditions. These will flash amber during charging and it will glow a solid green when completely charged.

Found inside the anklet is a three-axis accelerometer which will track pace, distance, speed, number of steps taken, and cadence. It will then relay all of these information towards the accompanying smartphone app through a Bluetooth connection.

When completing a run while the socks and anklets are worn, it is quite easy to look at the statistics gathered through the smartphone app. When you head on to the notifications page, you might discover what needs to be worked upon whenever you go about your routinely jogs or runs around town. For example, you might find out that your cadence is quite inconsistent, so you need to work on that the next time around.

Information being gathered by the Sensoria Fitness Smart Sock and the accompanying smartphone application was all there. However, what’s missing is the app to become more of a fitness trainer rather than just letting you know about your running or jogging statistics. Nevertheless, these socks and anklets are still a great way to monitor your progress.


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