SHAREit Android – Modernizes Old-School Sharing Experience

In the days of feature phones, Bluetooth is a popular way of transferring files from one device to another, back in the day users would wait for a couple of minutes to complete a wireless transfer, it was all good and stable but there’s always room to improve; this is where SHAREit comes in. It lets you share files to other devices as long as they are within the range and they have the app installed as well. But aside from file sharing, the app has more features to keep everything convenient for you especially with smartphones and their apps today, most require updating, this app has everything covered for you.

SHAREit Android – Modernizes Old-School Sharing Experience

SHAREit is Now the Go-To App for File Transfer

Even with Bluetooth coming in as a standard for smartphones of today, SHAREit is the easy choice when it comes to file transfers as it’s organized and fast, extremely fast. The app’s UI is simple but very informative. Painted in a blue and white color scheme, the first thing you see when running the app is the option to send or receive files. On the top row you get the button to access the other advanced options of the app such as connecting to PC and the app’s settings page. On the top right you get your transfer history and on the center taking up most of the space is the aforementioned send or receive buttons. Below them are your stats mainly: devices you’ve connected to, files you’ve received, and the total amount of data you’ve transferred. Scrolling further down are sponsored ads with a shortcut to download them from the play store. Pressing the send button will take you to the app’s own file explorer view and tapping an item will mark it for sending pressing next will allow you to scan for nearby receivers. Pressing the receive button will allow you to search for senders and wait for their items to transfer to you.

One major feature of the app is its speed. The estimated transfer speed when compared to Bluetooth is about 40 times faster when compared to the SHAREit file transfer app. It’s very convenient as you don’t need to have a wireless connection and it automatically detects the devices around you. Once you’ve connected, simply click on the sender/receiver’s avatar on screen and that’s it, no more need for pairing. With cross-platform ability, the app also lets you wirelessly transfer files over from a PC. An additional feature is like a heads up option that reminds you of newer versions of apps you have that’s on the connected device, it allows you to get the .apk of the app and update your existing app; convenient.

While it may pass off as a way to quickly pirate apps, it’s up to the app developer to secure their apps, SHAREit provides the quickest wireless connection for file transfers. Gone are the days for complicated file-sharing experiences.


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