Sharp LC-65UB3OU Review – Some Niceties for Less Than the Standard Price

The Sharp LC-65UB3OU has a nice design, with equally decent overall performance. So upon reading that  previous statement, there is one thing that this TV is not – futureproof. With technology evolving each-and-every-day, simply being “nice” and “decent” won’t quite cut it from the rest of the competition. It doesn’t have the extra bells and whistles like the ability to support high dynamic range playback, but it can play 4K UHD. Furthermore, it does offer a lot of TV real-estate, and it is placed at a more reasonable price than most.

Sharp LC-65UB3OU Review - Some Niceties for Less Than the Standard Price

The Sharp LC-65UB3OU is Not Future-Proof

Taking the Sharp LC-65UB3OU, you might immediately notice that this particular TV is chunkier and heavier than many other television sets in its class. There is a half-inch bezel that is quite thin, which means that you do get a whole lot of screen real-estate to set your eyes on. There are also side-fins that will hold the model up to offer a bit of elegance, and it also manages to place the TV quite low. But it should be noted that the side-fins are placed on the far sides of the TV’s width, which means that you would need an equal or wider surface to place it on. Any shorter than the width of the TV and you’re going to look at it toppling over.

Looking at the backside of the LC-65UB3OU, you will be able to gaze your eyes upon a good number of connectivity options, and these include four HDMI ports, two USB ports, digital Optical and analog audio outputs, a hybrid composite/component input, and an Ethernet port. You can also connect the TV through a Wi-Fi network connection, if you so desire.

With the LED setup this particular TV model has, it makes use of a full array backlighting system, which means that it gives off uniform lighting across the panel. Furthermore, there’s also less backlight bleed as compared to edge-lit displays. This particular TV also adds adjustable local dimming into the mix, which does reduce overall backlight bleeding while boosting the contrast and black levels of images being displayed.

But just like any mid-range 4K UHD TV, the Sharp LC-65UB3OU has a bunch of strong and weak points to note of. While it does have uniform backlighting across the display, there are times when dark scenes can get really murky. Furthermore, the menu controls make it difficult to play with the color settings. Overall, even though this is located at a better price class as compared to other 4K UHD TVs on the market, it might be wiser to spend a bit more for extra features, and perhaps even future-proofed performance.


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Sharp LC-65UB3OU Review – Some Niceties for Less Than the Standard Price
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