Sharp LC-75N8000U Review – Falls Short on Connectivity

One look at the Sharp LC-75N8000U and you would know it is a massive beast of a TV. It is able to support 4K UHD playback, and with its 75-inch screen, you might immediately think that it costs more than most within the same size bracket for the 4K TV category. However, you should know that it is just priced just a wee bit lower as compared to most of the competition. It makes use of an LCD panel that has a fantastic performance, and it is also able to support high dynamic range (HDR) playback as well. You will also take advantage of a fantastic color accuracy and strong contrast right out of the box. While everything does seem great on paper, making use of the TV does show some shortcomings.

Sharp LC-75N8000U Review - Falls Short on Connectivity

The Sharp LC-75N8000U Brings About Excellent Color Accuracy Right Off the Bat

For those who have limited space within their homes, you would either have to make some more room for the Sharp LC-75N8000U, or consider other, smaller options. But for those who would really want a 75-inch screen TV, do note that you will be able to enjoy a simple and sleek-looking television set with Sharp’s offering. The panel is surrounded by a half-inch flat black bezel, and there is also a strip of silvery metal edging the sides.

The LC-75N8000U is just 2.2-inches for its thickness, and that figure already includes the large black protrusion found in the lower half. This protruded portion holds all of the TV’s electronics and ports. However, the tap half of the TV is just a mere 0.4-inches in thickness, and that already includes the panel itself.

When talking about its connections, there’s not a lot to marvel at, and this is perhaps one of the largest caveats of this particular television set. What you will get are two HDMI ports, one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 port, and an antenna/cable connector. There are also two more HDMI ports, an optical audio output, composite and component video inputs, as well as an Ethernet port found at the rear. While it does seem that it can offer a lot in terms of connectivity, there are other 75-inch TVs that can offer even more.

As mentioned earlier, you might no longer have to tweak or calibrate the picture given by the Sharp LC-75N8000U because it already looks excellent right off the box. Colors are vibrant but not too oversaturated, and there is a lot detail to go around, especially when you’re playing from a UHD Blu-ray source. While it does have some other shortcomings, such as HDR not performing that well as compared to the competition, this is still a pretty good choice for anyone looking for a giant TV to add to their home entertainment system.


Where to buy Sharp LC-75N8000U?

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