Siri – How to Create, Delete, and Manage Alarms

Siri, the Artificial Intelligence from the Cupertino, California-based tech firm Apple, is known for giving users an easier way to navigate through the iOS through the use of voice commands. Aside from that, the AI is also famous for her quips (try asking her if she knows Microsoft’s Cortana and watch her become like a jealous girlfriend). The AI is pretty useful for a multitude of functions, and you can even create, manage, and delete alarms with the program. Read on to learn how.

Siri – How to Create, Delete, and Manage Alarms

Creating, Deleting, and Managing Alarms Using Siri

Step 1 – To create an alarm using Siri, first of all, you have to press and hold the Home button to activate the artificial intelligence. If you don’t want to hold down the Home button every time you have to activate her, all you have to do is “Hey Siri,” if you have the program respond to your voice. Once she responds, you can tell her various things to set the alarm such as “Set an alarm for 6:30 pm,” or “Set an alarm in 30-minutes,” or even “Set an alarm on weekends at 7:00 am.” All of these variations will work, for as long as you say it loud and clear, and there’s nothing that will obstruct your voice from being heard properly.

Step 2 – Should you want to delete an alarm using Siri, right after activating her, you can say something like “Delete my alarm that was set for 6:30 pm.” If the AI is having trouble distinguishing which alarm you mean (if you have many), she will give you a choice on what to choose; however, if the command is concrete and specific, and there is but a single choice for the artificial intelligence to look at, then the alarm will be deleted immediately.

Step 3 – If you want to modify an alarm with the AI, you can do so. First of all, and once again, you would have to activate the AI (if you haven’t already). Then, you can tell her something like “Change my 6:30 am alarm to 7:30 am.” Do note, however, that you can only change the alarm time using the program. You cannot change the sounds, labels, or the days wherein the alarm will trigger. If you want to make more changes to your alarms, it is better to head on towards the Clocks app.

For these commands, it helps to be as specific as possible when talking to Siri. She really can’t do much if you say something like “Set an alarm for tomorrow,” or “Change the time for my alarm.”


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