Skullcandy Barricade Review – Your Poolside Partner

There is no shortage of wireless Bluetooth speakers on the market, but that doesn’t mean that the Skullcandy Barricade should not exist. This is a good speaker that can be brought to the pool. This is because it is both waterproof and buoyant; that’s right, it can float right alongside you while you’re splashing about inside the swimming pool. But aside from its unique way of delivering its own set of goods, looking at it from an audio standpoint, it’s not the best in the biz.

Skullcandy Barricade Review - Your Poolside Partner

The Skullcandy Barricade Might be Unique, but it’s not the Best Sounding Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Skullcandy Barricade comes into the market with dimensions of 3.8 x 4.6 x 3.0-inches, and its shape is similar to that of a cube. It has a sturdy exterior that has an IPX7 rating, which makes it both waterproof and impact resistant. For color variations, you can choose from black or gray/neon yellow models. Because it is waterproof, as opposed to just being water resistant, is actually an important piece of information as you can let the speaker inside the swimming pool. Well, not really, because it will float on the surface of the water all by itself.

Looking at its top panel, you will find the volume controls (which works in conjunction with the paired device’s master volume levels), along with a multi-function button. This multi-function button operates the call management, music playback, and pairing functionalities. As for the status LED and the power button, these can be found near the other controls. It should also be noted that the volume buttons will also double as track navigation controls. However, this choice is not the most ideal option since you need to hold them down to skip or go back a track. What happens is that it can be very easy to just accidentally skip or rewind a track when all you want to do is to adjust the volume.

But what does the Skullcandy Barricade sound like? Play audio with powerful sub-bass content and this particular wireless Bluetooth speaker will have trouble handling the deep end of the audio spectrum, especially at higher volumes. When you play tracks at loud volumes, there is a very apparent distortion going on. Even when you’re just listening at moderate volume levels, you will still be able to hear slight hints of the distortion taking place. Ultimately, this is a unique Bluetooth speaker, but definitely not the best sounding on the market.


Where to buy Skullcandy Barricade?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this Skullcandy Barricade online.

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Skullcandy Barricade Review – Your Poolside Partner
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