Skullcandy Method Wireless Review – Exercise-Friendly

The Skullcandy Method Wireless is another model to enter the fitness-centric headphone sector of the audio listening department of the market. What makes this pair immediately sellable is its price tag, as it is more affordable as compared to other sport-focused, wireless models that can be found all over the market. When you’re looking for a powerful bass response, then this particular pair of headphones definitely has that for you. But do note that because of its cheaper price tag, there are some shortcomings that you have to deal with, such as a bit more treble response found in the high-mids.

Skullcandy Method Wireless Review - Exercise-Friendly

The Skullcandy Method Wireless is a Solid Choice for Those Looking for Cheaper Alternatives

For color variations, the Skullcandy Method Wireless is available in either navy blue, white, or black models. These all come with colorful ear tips right inside the standard packaging, and these resemble marbleized paper, which is a pretty nice touch. This pair of headphones are sweat resistant, which should be since this is advertised to be a fitness-centric model. However, take note that the band does gently clasp around your neck, which others might find to be a bit uncomfortable. But because of this design choice, it does make for a more secure offering.

As for its controls, you can find them at the left end of the neckband. There are three buttons, which are accompanied by a central multi-function button that will control the power, call management, and playback functionalities. Also, these controls work in conjunction with the paired device’s master volume.

But what does the Skullcandy Method Wireless Headphones sound like? When you play tracks that have deep sub-bass content, it will be able to deliver powerful responses in the low-end of the audio frequency. When you are listening at high, unwise listening volumes, you should be happy to know that the audio does not distort. This means that this is definitely a bass-forward sound signature being emitted by the headphones.

Those who are looking for a more affordable option to listen to their favorite tracks with powerful kicks in the bass should definitely consider the Skullcandy Method Wireless. You might even be hard-pressed to locate a sports-centered pair of headphones on the market found within its price class that can deliver such great bass performance without clouding the other areas of the audio spectrum too much. You will just have to make use of the slightly uncomfortable neckband.


Where to buy Skullcandy Method Wireless?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this Skullcandy Method Wireless online.

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Skullcandy Method Wireless Review – Exercise-Friendly
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