Skulpt Chisel Review – Say Goodbye to Your Scale

What exactly is the Skulpt Chisel? It is a handheld body fat and muscle quality analyzed that will provide an even more accurate reading of your fat loss and muscle composition as compared to standing on your bathroom scale. In fact, its accuracy when giving you information about your fat loss and muscle composition is pleasingly accurate that this is a device made for personal trainers, figure athletes, and bodybuilders. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s the perfect device as there are some issues that make it more pleasing to use for casual users instead.

Skulpt Chisel Review - Say Goodbye to Your Scale

The Skulpt Chisel Lets You Learn More About Your Weight Loss Progress

The Skulpt Chisel is actually the second handheld body fat analyzer from the company, the first was the Skulpt Aim. Both of these devices look very similar, even more so when brought together side-by-side. Also, they measure at about the size of a large portable battery pack. Hence, it is pleasingly compact and light to be carried around a gym bag. The main difference between the two devices is that the Aim has a display and has a black finish, whereas the other ditches the display and is now coated in a white finish.

Both of these devices can be used with a companion Android or iOS app, hence, the loss of a display on the Chisel is not really much of an issue, especially if it means that the price of the device has been lowered down as compared to the Aim (in which it did).

It can take body fat and muscle readings from 24 different individual muscles. This means that you will be able to get more specific readings such as your right quads, left lower back, left bicep, and more. This is the level of granularity that will make the device appeal towards figure athletes and bodybuilders as it can greatly assist in identifying imbalances which might need more work.

It is advertised that the Skulpt Chisel produces results that are five times more accurate than bioimpedance scales, and for what it can show, then that might just be more than just your average promise. For the most time that you will make use of the device, along with the companion app, it will deliver accurate results as what you should expect. However, body fat and muscle quality readings were sometimes susceptible to occasional fluctuating or erroneous readings. Hence, there are times when you have to second guess the device’s findings. While it does offer better accuracy than others, this particular analyzer is a bit too fiddly for professional use, but it should appeal to many casual users.


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