Sky Chasers Review – Hover Above the Rest

Sky Chasers is a game with only two buttons controlling the entire game which makes it easier for players of all ages. The game starts with the players being laughed at because their hovercraft is a cardboard box while all of their friends’ hovercrafts are cool and fully equipped that it actually looked like it probably would work.

Sky Chasers Review - Hover Above the Rest

Sky Chasers is Beautiful as it is Challenging

After being mocked at, the players of Sky Chasers must do their best to collect gold coins and diamonds through flying through the games three worlds while avoiding the critters. The gold coins and diamonds will help them in upgrading their ship. The game’s main goal is navigating a clumsy hovercraft; it is easier said than done though. By simply tapping the left or right side of the screen, it will trigger one of the hovercraft’s thrusters and holding both left and right will shoot the ship in whatever direction the ship is facing.

It would be easy to navigate in the empty massiveness of deep space, but it is not like that in the Sky Chasers game as there is nothing empty in the levels. Each world is a maze overcrowded with different dangers like giants, thorny walls, venus flytrap-like monsters, and chompings which the player will need to avoid. The hover ship has energy which is use as both a shield and a fuel. When the ship is damaged, it will drain the energy quickly. Fortunately there are little landing platforms where the player can refuel, all the player has to do is park the hovercraft and pay the fee to refuel; but in order to activate the platforms, and the player needs to either make a one-time purchase or watch a 30-ish second advertisement. If the player pays the fee, every checkpoint will automatically be activated as soon as the player’s hovercraft lands on it. If not, the player needs to finish watching the ad to activate the platform. It might sound kind of cheap but so is the price of the game. Purchasing the application itself will be the best thing to do if it is really a big annoyance.

The only real issue with Sky Chasers is the intermittent bugs the player might run into while playing the game. There might be times when the camera will lag and not pan as fast as the player is moving on the edge of the screen which makes it difficult for the player to see the path, and there also might be times when the player would accidentally drop in an inaccessible area the object he is carrying. It is as beautiful as it is challenging. Even with the rare bugs and the ads that will be encountered, it is really an enjoyable game.


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