Skype – Continuing on With the Bot Invasion

Microsoft-owned chat application Skype is continuing on with its campaign to introduce conversational bots. For instance, if you want to have a group trivia contest within the program, you may very well do so. The tech firm has recently announced updates towards the chatbot functionality of the chat application on Friday. The updates allow digital quizmasters, along with other automated contenders, to take part in group text conversations.

Skype - Continuing on With the Bot Invasion

Skype Updates Introduce New Features to Bot Functionality

Various developers who are able to make use of the Skype functionality will even be able to open their own robotic conversation partners to their co-workers and to their friends. This type of functionality is similar to what Slack has to offer today. The Microsoft-owned chat application is also now able to support visual cards that will let users see pictures, receipts, and more, and this is similar to what the popular social media network Facebook has to offer for bot makers through its tools for its own Messenger app.

This is all part of Microsoft’s plan to promote conversations to become a computing platform. Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella laid out the vision of the vompany at its Build Conference that took place back in March. The CEO described a future in which artificial intelligence the likes of Cortana will be able to work with special-purpose bots in order to assist humans in performing operations such as booking flights or making hotel reservations.

Developers who are taking part in building Skype bots will bow also be able to let users log into a service, such a hotel loyalty program. Therefore, it makes it easier for the business owners and its employees to keep interacting with customers without having to constantly log into their accounts.

Along with the news pertaining to the updates coming to Skype, there are also patches to the firm’s Bot Framework. These are a set of developer tools that will make it easier for people to create their own conversational bots for certain services, which of course includes Skype. This Bot Framework is now better integrated with the developers of Microsoft’s chat program so that developers are able to automatically configure bots that are made with the platform to easily work with Skype, instead of having to copy-and-paste configuration data every time. Additionally, the Bot Framework now supports new controls for developers. Hence, it makes it easier for the created bots to send messages that will even include clickable elements.


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Skype – Continuing on With the Bot Invasion
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