Slide the Shakes Review – Milkshakes Anyone?

Slides the Shakes subjects its players to an awful lie. It is one addictive twitch / physics game; an easily-digestible time-waster that brings iOS back to its origin as a game ideal while waiting. It puts the player behind the diner counter and the instructions on what to do is shown on the screen.

Slide the Shakes Review - Milkshakes Anyone?

Be Prepared to Get Addicted With Slide the Shakes

Each level in Slide the Shakes features a counter marked with green safe zones. It allows the player to move on to the next lot of the level as long as the shake stops in the green zone. Each level has three to five portions. The player can move on to the next level whenever the portions are cleared. At first, it is easy to stop at green zones but not before long, it will add some hindrances like uneven counters. At around the 20th level, the player will unlock the milkshake called “lime freeze”. It mixes lemon-lime pop, a squirt of lime sorbet, and crushed ice and serves in a martini glass. Succeeding the game basically boils down to developing an instinct for the physics of the game, as pulling back too hard can lead the glass to reach the floor thus ending the game and failing to pull it hard enough will lead to the glass not traveling far enough to reach the goal. To make it a little more challenging, the player can try the level again if he failed to stop in the green zone, however, if the glass breaks, the player will have to start from the beginning of the level again. This brutal rule teaches the learner that over-doing things can lead to a glass breaking on tile.

The Slide the Shakes game is very much a title that is best to play for a few minutes or while waiting as it is monotonous and simple even though it is also easy to play over and over again. Pretty great comprehends that the game is constructed around failing, and made the very wise decision of creating the delay between failure and a restart as quick as possible.When the player’s milkshake goes hovering off into the harsh yonder for 60 times, the game immediately says “What a shame. Have another.” And it sets the player back in the game in less than a second.

It is somehow interesting how Slide the Shakes’ unmatched timing makes it a prodigious title to play repeatedly, even of the player is only playing in short spurts. As the game implies, ‘Save the milkshakes! Spill the sorbet!’


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Slide the Shakes Review – Milkshakes Anyone?
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