Smartphone Camera – How to Correct Image Orientation

When taking out your smartphone camera, have you ever wondered why some photos have the correct orientation whereas there are other images that appear upside down or sideways? When you’re experiencing such a scenario, this is due to two different ways wherein a photo can be rotated. Not every camera app that you can find on Google Play or in the Apple App Store is the same. Different camera applications call for varying development schemes. Hence, there are those that would automatically rotate the image for you, whereas there are some that would not. While infuriating for some as it would mean an extra step before uploading it to the Internet for the world to see, there are ways that you can correct this.

Smartphone Camera - How to Correct Image Orientation

How to Correct Image Orientation Taken by Your Smartphone Camera

The first way that you can correct the orientation of a picture that is taken from your smartphone camera is to go to your device’s image gallery and choosing to edit the photo. There are many ways that this can go from here. One is that a rotate option is readily available, or you have to go into Edit mode first before you can change the orientation of the picture. Furthermore, there are some devices that would automatically save the image’s orientation whereas there are some that would require the user to tap on the Save button first before being able to continue.

This may be cumbersome as it does require the user to take extra steps before the orientation of the image from the device’s camera can be fixed, there are a lot of camera apps that you can download (and even many of them are completely free of charge) that have an automatic fix for the image’s orientation. When you have a third-party app installed into your device, do check its settings before you go trigger happy on your camera’s shutter so that you don’t have to take the extra mile in fixing the image later on.

But what if you want to rotate multiple images that have been taken from your smartphone camera? The above examples as to how you can fix the orientation of your phone’s images would have users do it to one photo at a time. So having hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of photos to rotate can be downright cumbersome. If this is the case, then the best option would have to connect the mobile device to a computer and rotate the images from there. For Windows machines, all you have to do is highlight the photos that you want to rotate, right click on an open space, then choose to rotate the images.


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Smartphone Camera – How to Correct Image Orientation
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