Smartphone – How to Properly Charge its Battery

Just about anyone, in fact everyone who owns a smartphone would of course know how to charge their device’s battery. All you have to do is to connect it to a power source and it will charge up. Simple, right? While it is pretty easy to do, simply doing a rudimentary charge on your handset might result it in diminishing its lifespan bit by bit. This depends on the way or how your frequent you charge your phone’s battery, along with a number of factors. Hence, it is important to know proper charging etiquette to preserve, if not even extend your battery’s lifespan.

Smartphone - How to Properly Charge its Battery

Know How to Charge Your Smartphone’s Battery the Right Way

Step 1 – The first thing to know on how you should properly charge the battery on your smartphone is the battery memory effect. This is when batteries remember the charge if you did not let them drain all the way to 0-percent too often. Hence, a battery will frequently charge to, say for example 20-percent to 80-percent, but it will then forget about the 40-percent that is left uncharged. Hence, you should drain your phone’s battery all the way to 0-percent every once in a while, especially when you have a handset with a battery that is nickel-based.

Step 2 – As for smartphone batteries that are of the Lithium-ion variety, you would almost need to do the total opposite, which is to charge them often but not all the way to 100-percent. Furthermore, you should not let them drop all the way to 0-percent before charging them once more.

Step 3 – So the question now is, when should you do a full battery charge? There are many experts that do recommend you do a full-charge, which is from 0 to 100-percent, only once a month. This would then recalibrate the battery. Think of it as restarting your computer, or for your humans it is like taking that few days off from work or school. This same notion is the same for laptops, by the way.

Step 4 – You may also be wondering if you should charge your smartphone overnight. There are many modern handsets that are smart enough to stop charging whenever the batteries are at their fullest. Hence, there is no risk of them leaving your phone charging overnight. Still, there are experts that suggest you have to remove the phone to be safe so that you can avoid over-charging. This is because over-charging can result to over-heating.


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Smartphone – How to Properly Charge its Battery
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