Smartphone Photography – How to Take Better Pictures

There is now a thing called smartphone photography as the built-in camera found on handsets get better and better with each new piece of technology that comes out. One of the best traits about having such a camera is that it is fairly compact, and the fact that we always bring our phones practically everywhere we go. Hence, when the moment is right, all we have to do is reach to our pockets, pull out our phones, access the camera app, and take a picture. It’s now that easy. However, there are times when the pictures come out, well, less than satisfactory. If you want to take better pictures with the use of your smartphone camera, read on.

Smartphone Photography - How to Take Better Pictures

Taking Better Pictures With Smartphone Photography

Step 1 – Whenever you’re doing smartphone photography and the photos come out with a lot of spots or if the image is not as sharp as you want it to be, then make sure that the camera lens is clean. This does really go without saying, but you would be surprised how many people in the world neglect to take care of their smartphone camera lens.

Step 2 – As with every kind of photography practice, aside from having a better camera, do note that lighting is everything. Lighting is absolutely vital in getting a good picture. Now, your smartphone camera can compensate for the low light by boosting its own capabilities so that you can get an image. It’s not a good photo, but a photo nonetheless. However, do take note that there will be a lot of noise in the photo. Use the immediate area or somewhere close for good natural lighting. If all else fails, use the LED flash found in most smartphones, but it is not quite recommended for use since the colors will be blown out. However, there are times when you need it, and there are times when a photo with blown out colors is better than no photo at all.

Step 3 – Lastly, make sure that when you’re doing smartphone photography that your subject is the sharpest thing in the photo. Hence, you have to be sure that your subject remains in focus. Most camera apps would let users tap on the device’s screen for you to select the area to be in focus. Do so before hitting the shutter button so that your main subject remains the sharpest object within the image, instead of having the background being really sharp and your subject is blurred out.


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