Snapchat Spectacles – Understanding the Company’s First Hardware Product

Snapchat just recently rebranded to Snap Inc., and with that announcement comes the reveal of the company’s first hardware product, the Snapchat Spectacles. This is a wirelesly-enabled camera system that are built into, you guessed it, a pair of sunglasses. Many have already described it as the second coming to the Google Glass, although it is clear that these are made primarily for social media rather than Google’s plan on giving the user ease-of-access to the many facets of the Internet.

Snapchat Spectacles - Understanding the Company's First Hardware Product

Snapchat Spectacles Announced Following the Rebranding of the Company

There are, indeed, a lot of comparisons going around between Snapchat Spectacles and Google Glass. In fact, it was even mentioned under the same breath that the Glass would be enough to send some companies into a state of horror, primarily because of its price tag. There are even some areas wherein Google Glass was banned as many fear about people prying into more sensitive information and uploading it all over the World Wide Web. So it wouldn’t come to much of a surprise why many are skeptical about Snap Inc’s first hardware. But the question is, will it head down the same path as Google’s ill-fated wearable?

First of all, let’s compare the Spectacles with the Glass in accordance to their price tags; for the Glass Explorer Edition, it will cost you $1,500, whereas Snap’s hardware will only dent your bank account with a wee $129.99 price tag.

Moving forward, it was clear right at the onset that Google was having pretty ambitious dreams and goals for the Glass. They have envisioned it to be an information hub without having to bring around a bulky laptop or computer, or without you having to look down on your smartphone all the time. For Snap’s sunglasses, in contrast, it will allow users to take videos and share them immediately using the Snapchat app, and that’s basically it.

Speaking of which, you no longer need your smartphone to record videos because the sunglasses are intended for standalone filming. Also, it has been advertised that the battery life is good for a “day’s worth of Snaps on a single charge.” Also, they are packaged along with a glasses case that also doubles as a portable power pack.

The clips will then be stored with the Snapchat Spectacles themselves, but there is still no word as to what resolution the videos are captured, at the time of writing. However, the bottom line here is that you will still need your phone if you want to share any of the video clips captured with the sunglasses, which is a statement that you might not thought to have read in your life.


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