Snow – The Snapchat of Asia

There is a mobile application that sends short, self-destructing messages, as well as it has a place to share videos dubbed stories; furthermore, the app even has camera filters that allow a person to transform into a koala or a police officer to name a couple, but this is Snow and not Snapchat. This is a popular Snapchat clone of an app and there are many who deem it to have even more promise than the most popular American smartphone apps.

Snow - The Snapchat of Asia

Snow is a Snapchat Clone That Might Even be More Popular Than the American Counterpart

While it would seem that Snapchat focuses on American users, Snow sets its sights to Asian consumers. Just like Snapchat, this Asian counterpart does offer an array of filters such as glowing eyes, dog ears, or even enlarge foreheads for selfie purposes. However, it also adds some other things that Snapchat does not have, such bottles of Soju (a Korean liquor), or images of K-Pop stars. There are also other filters included into the mix, such as raining fried chicken, which is a favorite snack for South Koreans. If you are searching for Japan themes, then you might even want to put a sumo wrestler or sushi filters into your post.

Because of these Asian themes, a large part of 30-million downloads for the Snow app  has been found to be from Asia since the application’s launch back in September of 2015, as per Mr. Han Dong Keun, a spokesman for the app’s parent South Korean Internet company Naver. Unsurprisingly, the application is also gaining traction in China, wherein the country’s 700-milllion users make up for the world’s biggest Internet market. There, the app does have a major advantage, especially when you know that Snapchat cannot be used in China.

Ms. Sun Yuying, a Shanghai university student, said the following to The Straits Times: “We usually use Snow when drinking tea together or eating a meal together to take pictures together because the app is really truly interesting.” She said that she discovered the application only a month ago when she saw it on social media by a number of Chinese celebrities that were making use of the app.

The popularity of Snow in Asia underscores a new reality for app makers located in the US. Before, being famous in the United States would often lead to corresponding growth overseas. However, that reality might do a complete 180-degree turn as well-established Internet firms located in Japan, China, and most especially that of South Korea can move quickly within those niches, even faster than many US-based companies.


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