Social Media – The Privacy Settings That You Need to Know

It can be very easy to get lost inside social media and there are times when you’ve dived in too deep that it you might have accidentally (or even intentionally) posted sensitive information for the world to see. Online portals include the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and also Snapchat. Information posted within these websites and applications can cause problems in the present or in the future. Therefore, users should always be wary and responsible as to whatever it is they post online. Furthermore, you have to know how you can keep the information you post as private as possible within certain portals.

Social Media - The Privacy Settings That You Need to Know

Understanding the Privacy Settings for Social Media Portals

Perhaps the largest social media network in the world is Facebook, and there are literally billions of people who are logging into their Facebook accounts each and every day. A lot of users actively converse and share within this social networking portal, and it can be tempting to overshare at times. However, the portal does include strong privacy settings within, albeit these are a bit hidden. When you do access your personal privacy settings, you can customize the way how people are able to see whatever it is that you post.

Another famous social media portal is Twitter, and it allows you to share various things, even with just a 140-character text limit. These “tweets,” albeit really small in size, can still make a person become tempted from tweeting just about anything, and these can range to your birthday (if you want to keep that hidden) to even your credit card information. Being responsible is the key to having a secure social networking experience. But if you want to beef that up, you can always go to the account settings found in your Twitter account to modify how you want your account and your posts to be seen within the portal.

Moving forward, if you have an Instagram account, then you can also take on measures to make sure that your account stays secure as possible within this social media network. Instagram is a Facebook-owned application, and it makes users to take and share pictures quite easily. By default, all of your photos can be seen by the general public. In order to make your account private so that only your followers can see your photos, there are specific instructions on how you can do that of which are listed within the Instagram help page.


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