Songflip – Free Music App Review

You might easily cast of Songflip as yet another free music-playing app for your smartphone or mobile device. But before you brush it off as junk, do note that this is the official app that is developed by the creators of the application with the same name for iOS. Also called as SpinTunes, many consider it to be one of the best online audio players. You can search through literally millions of audio from a vast array of artists, and you can do this rather easily. You can even discover popular current hit songs from different genres, such as EDM, mixtapes, country, EDM, classical, and more. Have an instant favorite from one of the random songs you’ve been listening to? Then create a playlist of your favorite song and audio tracks so that you don’t have to search for them over-and-over again.

Songflip - Free Music App Review

Easily Search for Your Favorite Audio Tracks With Songflip

But before anything else, do note that Songflip plays music from an online source. In other words, it can consume large amounts of data if you’re not too careful. Hence, carrier data changes may apply when using this music streaming app. It is recommended to just use a Wi-Fi connection with no data cap whenever available so you won’t be shocked by your monthly bill from your mobile carrier.

Now with that being said and done, the Songflip app will allow you to search for literally millions of songs within its database. But if you’re not a fan of just browsing aimlessly through millions of titles, you can just select the top hits from specific categories. You can check out what’s good to listen to in alternative rock, classical, country, dance and EDM, disco, and so many more. You can even use the app for better sleep because there’s even a section with a bunch of ambient noises.

But what about its user-interface? It’s nothing short of simple; browsing through the millions of audio files found within the app’s online database is very easy. If you already know the artist and have not labeled them as a favorite yet, then searching for them is as easy as pie.

You can even create playlists of your favorite songs within Songflip. You can even play songs while the app is running on the background, so it wouldn’t be a hassle to just listen to your favorite audio files and you have to message a bunch of people over at Facebook or Twitter. If you’re looking for new music to jam to, then this is probably one of the apps you want to try out.


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Songflip – Free Music App Review
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