Sonos – Worked With Amazon to Let the Echo Play Music on Speakers

About a couple of years ago, Matt Welch hacked his Sonos Internet-connected stereo system so that his wife was able to listen to the radio. One of his many creations was an application wherein the microphone found on the Amazon Echo would do a voice-control input into his speakers. The computer programmer living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina said the following: “Now she could walk into the room and say , ‘Sonos, play NPR.” Welch was not the only one who wished the Amazon Echo would have such a functionality, but the difficult times will soon change as the company popular for their audio system recently unveiled a system that has been developed with Amazon to allow the Echo to play music on the brand’s speakers.

Sonos - Worked With Amazon to Let the Echo Play Music on Speakers

Sonos Developed a System to Let the Amazon Echo Play Music on the Audio Device Manufacturer’s Speakers

Once the Sonos speaker system and the Amazon Echo are linked together properly, the speakers will be able to play music from any music application. It has been reported that there will be a test version of the program that will come later this year. Furthermore, it is expected that the full-release of said system will be available by next year.

Vice president of software at Sonos Antoine Leblond described the deal to be a “long-term strategic partnership.” The audio device manufacturing company has been encircling around the idea of voice controls for as long as the Amazon Echo has been on the market, as per news and interviews from about a half-dozen current and former employees from the company.

The decision to work together finally came during a particularly challenging period wherein the company’s 14-year history has been met with a less-than-spectacular holiday period. It is because it was clear that many people would rather opt for an Amazon Echo rather than for one of the company’s speakers.

Sonos, which was founded back in the year 2002, is known for making a product line of speakers that are able to connect to the Internet with the use of a dedicated Wi-Fi network. Aside from being connected devices, the speakers also generally look good, and have been known to have very little problem finding away into a home’s décor. Aside from looking good, it has also been known for these 14-years that the company’s products are among the best sounding performers, even in today’s market. The company even has speakers that have unique multi-room functionalities.


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Sonos – Worked With Amazon to Let the Echo Play Music on Speakers
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