Sony Glass Sound Speaker Review – Overpriced Wonder

There are a lot of designs for wireless Bluetooth speakers over the years that come from many manufacturers, but the Sony Glass Sound Speaker is definitely one of the more curious sorts. It comes with a portable LED lamp, and it even looks god enough to be a definite part of a home’s interior design, and it’s a speaker as well (shouldn’t forget about that). However, it is definitely really difficult to recommend. Is it because of how it sounds like? No, but the answer is due to its overpriced price tag.

Sony Glass Sound Speaker Review - Overpriced Wonder

The Sony Glass Sound Speaker Looks Good Enough to be Part of Your Home’s Décor

The Sony Glass Sound Speaker measures in at approximately 12-inches for its height, and 3.3-inches around. One look at it, and you might immediately think to be a fancy paperweight, or even a small lamp (if the light is turned on). Speaking of it being a lamp, there is a translucent organic glass cylinder in which it houses the LED. This serves another purpose as it is also the speaker’s unique glass tweeter so it can project sound in just about every direction simultaneously.

There is also a downward-firing 50-millimeter woofer that can be found underneath the aforementioned cylinder, along with a passive radiator found at the top. When all of these sonic elements put together, it does come to be a cleverly blended design, even though the Glass Sound Speaker doesn’t look like it can deliver any audio in the first place. Looking underneath the glass, you will find all the electronics this speaker has to offer. As for the bottom panel, you will find that it is made out of leather, and it has a rubber center to keep the speaker from moving around and across the table when it bursts out those heavy bass moments.

It should, however, be noted that the woofer can deliver more power when this particular speaker is connected to the mains. When in wireless mode, which means that it is running on battery power, the bass response lessens significantly to reduce battery consumption. Speaking of bass power, it is disappointing to know that the audio does distort a bit at top volumes. However, lower it down by just a bit and the bass response is rich and has depth. Furthermore, moderate volumes won’t distort at the slightest.

Ultimately, the Sony Glass Sound Speaker does sound like the must-buy wireless Bluetooth speaker to get, until you take a gander at its price tag. There is little to find things that are at fault for this device, and the design right down to the audio performance are well-made. But for many, the deciding factor if they would purchase this speaker is if they have enough space inside their spending allowance.


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Sony Glass Sound Speaker Review – Overpriced Wonder
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