Sony HDR-AS50 Action Cam Review – Long Battery Life Meets Mediocre Videos

The Sony HDR-AS50 Action Cam is one of the more diversely-functioning action cameras that you can find on today’s market, as it should be when you’re to cater to all types of customers that favor such a device. While this particular device sits just above the low-end of the range (the lowest being Sony’s AS20), it is still quite cheaper than the rest of the action camera product lineup from the Japanese tech manufacturer. However, it is clear that there were some corners that were cut to achieve the price point, especially when it comes to video quality.

Sony HDR-AS50 Action Cam Review - Long Battery Life Meets Mediocre Videos

The Sony HDR-AS50 Action Cam Sits Just Slightly Above the Lowest of the Range

When comparing the Sony HDR-AS50 Action Cam to the GoPro, the design of Sony’s offering resemble more of the traditional camcorder rather than its rival’s more cubic design. What does this mean with this design choice? It means that the Japanese manufacturer’s design is more streamlined than their “boxy” competitors. This also means that the camera does feel a bit more ergonomic than most. You will be able to grip the device more easily, but chances are you will be mounting it more often than using it handheld.

When you take the HDR-AS50 Action Cam outside of its waterproof case, the unit weighs 83-grams, which is not quite as light as its rival’s Hero Session, in which that action camera only weighs 74-grams. But when you throw it back inside, and you will be met with a camera that is close to 180-grams. Its added bulk means that it is more resilient towards the elements, and it can even survive up to depths of 60-meters for up to 30-minutes. It is also shock-proof, as well as dust and sand resistant.

One of the main selling points of this action camera is that of its battery life, as it is suitable better than most other similar devices on the market. It is able to last an excellent 2-hours and 30-minutes on a single, full charge, and that is when you’re already shooting 1080p videos at 30-frames-per-second.

While the battery life is amazing, the Sony HDR-AS50 Action Cam is not so impressive with regards to the video quality department. Its imaging sensor is able to record up to 1080p footage at up to 60-frames-per-second. If you want to record at 120-frames-per-second, then the resolution drops at 720p. Ultimately, this action camera is great for anyone who wants to try out such a device. Its excellent battery life can give you a lot of video recording to enjoy, but the overall quality of the footage won’t impress many.


Where to buy Sony HDR-AS50 Action Cam?

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