Sony HT-NT5 Review – Hitting the Mark

The Sony HT-NT5 enters into the soundbar sector with a grand entrance. It is loaded with the kind of features that you would actually need and want in such a device, plus it has reasonable future-proofing to make sure that the unit is going to stay inside your house for a good long while. It even has a solid sound quality to boot.

Sony HT-NT5 Review - Hitting the Mark

The Sony HT-NT5 is Indeed a Keeper

One look at the Sony HT-NT5 and you would immediately gaze your eyes upon an incredibly stylish 2.1-soundbar. The Japanese tech manufacturer manages to counter the low height requirements of such a device, as you would normally need to fit a soundbar right under your TV. As such, soundbar manufacturers would usually angle the drivers back. As such, the device is able to incorporate two three-eighths-inch drivers, as well as two sets of silk dome tweeters into its being. This is so that the device can either be placed horizontally or vertically on a wall. It is even configured as such so that it will have one set to face towards the listening position.

The HT-NT5 is 42.5-inches when measuring its width, and 2.5-inches when it is lying flat on your AV unit. The package also comes with a wireless subwoofer which has a front ported design, as well as a 6.5-inch driver. Compared to the soundbar itself, the subwoofer is fairly large as it has a 7.5-inch width and is approximately 15-inches in both height and depth.

It also has an onscreen display which mimics Sony’s SonyPal application, as it has a graphical representation of the various inputs available. There is also a helpful “Wireless Rear” button that is found on the top for you to access the wireless rear channels in a relatively easy manner. The unit has three HDMI ports, which is a plus since there are many competitors who do not even offer one. Each of these HDMI ports are equipped with HDCP 2.2 and HDR support for when you’re playing from 4K sources.

When you start sending the Sony HT-NT5 with audio, you would immediately get a sound performance with much refinement. This is never a given for many soundbars since there are many that are designed to excel in the home theater department alone rather than having it play music. With Sony’s offering, you will be able to enjoy your favorite tracks, as well as have a blast when listening to the many sounds of your favorite movies and TV shows. Overall, this unit delivers all the moxy to be called as an excellent soundbar. There are some drawbacks that can be found but ultimately they are minor and would not let you do away with the thought of purchasing it and bringing it home.


Where to buy Sony HT-NT5?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this Sony HT-NT5 online.

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Sony HT-NT5 Review – Hitting the Mark
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