Sony HT-NT5 Review – Unashamedly Over-Engineered

The Sony HT-NT5 is placed at the high-end of the market, and this is soundbar/subwoofer combo is unashamedly over-engineered. So much so that you wouldn’t complain (much) about its price tag. It has super-tweeters that are designed to eke out hi-resolution audio, and it has a level of detail that elevates it far above the ranks of other similar devices on the market, especially towards some other traditional offerings found on the market.

Sony HT-NT5 Review - Unashamedly Over-Engineered

The Sony HT-NT5 Justifies its Price With Performance and Features

When it comes to its design, the Sony HT-NT5 is an unqualified crowd pleaser. It is fairly wide with a measurement of 108-centimeters, and because of this figure it makes a pretty good match for TVs with 50-inch or more screens. However, it is flat as it only has a 5.8-centimeter thickness (if you call that thick). The grille can be removed, and there are those who prefer the soundbar to be naked. However, you can put the grille back on if there are pesky kids that visit your home that like to stick their fingers in practically anything they see.

There are a pair of mid-range drivers within the machinations of the HT-NT5, and these are flanked by a gold-ringed super tweeter. There is also a secondary tweeter found on the edge of the unit. Each of these tweeters are driven by its own Sony S Master digital amp module.

When it comes to connections, it does bring a versatile bunch. There are three HDMI inputs, and there is also one more for output. All of these HDMI ports support 4K Ultra HD content with HDCP 2.2. This means that you will be able to hook up set top boxes that offer UHD streaming, as well as your Ultra HD Blu-ray player, and there’s even more room for your PlayStation 4. There’s also a USB port found on the right hand-side of the unit, as well as an optical digital audio input and Ethernet. There’s also built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, and it is dual-band capable, and the soundbar has NFC in it as well.

As for the sound quality, the Sony HT-NT5 delivers with great clarity and precision. It sounds as if this soundbar/subwoofer combo is made for listening to music rather than for watching TV shows or movies. Nevertheless, it does win with its deliverance over vocal clarity and mid-range definition. Ultimately, there’s a lot to love about this unit, except perhaps its price tag.


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