Sony KD-65ZD9 Review – Evening Out the Playing Field

The Sony KD-65ZD9 comes into the scene with a new and improved processor, a backlighting system that will give LG’s OLED system a run for its money, a native 4K resolution, and support for high dynamic range (HDR). Furthermore, the ZD9 series comes into the market in three different sizes, them being a 65-, 75-, and 100-inch models. The variant being reviewed in this articles is that of the 65-inch model.

Sony KD-65ZD9 Review - Evening Out the Playing Field

The Sony KD-65ZD9 is Out to Beat its Competitors

While there are many 4K UHD resolution TVs out there that might have sugar-coated advertisements, that is not the case with the Sony KD-65ZD9.  The Japanese tech manufacturer went for an understated, premium look, and this design choice is made evident with the company’s other high-end TVs for 2016. This 65-inch model sits on top of a slab of metal, and what’s surprising here is that there is no visible signs of a neck. When you look at it from the comforts of your sofa, the TV just looks like any ordinary television set (which is just like a dull rectangle). There is a narrow footprint which means that you do not need to have something large enough like a park bench to place the unit on.

Another aspect to take note here is that Sony has given up on the large “magnetic fluid” speakers that can be seen on other previous hero television sets. It seems that the reason behind such a move is for anyone who can shell out cash for a high-end price tag will get a proper sound system for their TV. And for the most part, it does make sense, but it is also quite a bit of a disappointment. After all, such a speaker system did sound great and for those who were big fans of such will miss it on the KD-65ZD9.

As mentioned earlier, the new ZD9 series now has a new processor powering the TV. This is the first time that Sony has ever made use of the X1 Extreme chip, which is advertised to deliver 40-percent more power than the previous generation X1.

The panel found on the Sony KD-65ZD9 uses full-array direct LED, and that’s quite exciting to hear and to experience. After all, you would be hard-pressed to find a single edge-lit LED TV on the market that can match up to a direct LED lighting system with regards to control and uniformity. In fact, the lighting on this particular unit is so good that it can easily beat LG’s OLED system on their high-end TVs.


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