Sony KD-65ZD9 Review – Setting New Standards for TV

If you pass by the Sony KD-65ZD9 in a store, you might not take your eyes off of it. When looking at what’s on paper, it might even be the holy grail of television sets for the year 2016. It is able to combine the extreme brightness of high dynamic range (HDR) images that comes with the LCD technology along with a backlight arrangement that is astoundingly impressive that you might even mistake it for an OLED screen.

Sony KD-65ZD9 Review - Setting New Standards for TV

The Sony KD-65ZD9 is Stunningly Gorgeous, in More Ways Than One

Because of what it can handle, do take note that the Sony KD-65ZD9 is by no means cheap. It comes with a distinctive metallic gold finish that can be found on the outer edges of the screen and the metallic black desktop stand. There are some who would say that a TV sporting a metallic gold design might be too much – that it would be too silly – but in this case, you wouldn’t be complaining.

Helping the KD-65ZD9 stand out from the rest is its rear panel, because there is a distinctive crosshatch pattern to be found. Furthermore, the TV requires no less than 3 clip covers in order to hide any unsightly cables. However, it doesn’t mean that this is the perfect television set as there are some quibbles here-and-there. For example, the design-worthy elements, such as the gold trim and the crosshatch pattern, are only visible when you’re looking at the model from way down its sides or from behind.

Minor nitpicks aside, this particular gem of a television set that Sony has graced the market sports an astounding image performance, the likes of which that you can find on an OLED screen. First of all, the upscaling engine built into is powered by the new X1 Extreme chipset, which works absolutely amazing. It has a new noise reduction technology, as well as depth perception processing elements, that take your already good videos into uncanny representations of 4K UHD images that are brought about to an unprecedented level.

The Sony KD-65ZD9 displays great sharpness, and even adds extra detail whenever you play videos from HD sources as such Blu-ray or Freeview HD broadcasts. Couple that with the TV’s excellent motion processing options and you will get TV viewing with superb clarity that will still be there even when the camera in the show or film pans out a lot or when there are a lot of fast movements involved. Simply put, if you have the cash to burn, spend it on this TV.


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