Sony KD-75XD9405 Review – Delivering the Home Cinema Goods

Why do you have to get excited about the Sony KD-75XD9405? To start, this is a 75-inch beast of a television, and it replaces the edge-mounted LED lighting system that can be seen by all other high dynamic range (HDR)-capable sets with a direct LED system. This TV from the Japanese tech manufacturer has the lights sitting right behind the screen. With this type of configuration, along with the local dimming system of which can bring out different light levels from different parts of the screen in a simultaneous fashion, will be able to deliver a consistent superior contrast throughout many types of images.

Sony KD-75XD9405 Review - Delivering the Home Cinema Goods

The Sony KD-75XD9405 Delivers Excellent HDR Performance

Apart from its lighting system, there’s another reason why you should be excited about the Sony KD-75XD9405. For its predecessor, the 75XD9405, it was a good all-around TV for last year. This successor picks up the baton in terms of quality. Sony has decided to do away with the insanely powerful magnetic fluid speaker as it added so much depth and width to the 2015 model. For this newer TV, they have opted to, instead, go for a screen frame that sports the “thin is in” trend as it is barely a centimeter across. There’s also a rear portion that is impressively slim for a TV that uses a direct LED lighting system.

The KD-75XD9405 does tick all the right boxes as being advertised as a flagship TV. Its most notable features are the inclusion of four 4K/HDR-capable HDMI ports, three USB ports (for playing a nice array of multimedia file types from USB storage drives), and wired and wireless network connectivity options.

Aside from bringing 4K/UHD and HDR into the mix, the TV also has 3D playback support, which is a feature that has vanished from all of Samsung’s and Philips’ line of television sets for the year 2016. When you feed it with movies the likes of Kingsman and Deadpool on Ultra HD Blu-ray, the images are nothing short of amazing, for the vast majority of the time.

The success of the quality of the HDR images are due to a number of factors, and one of those main reasons is because of the minor appearance of light clouding around particularly bright objects when they appear against darker backgrounds.

For the size of the screen, along with its picture quality, the Sony KD-75XD9405 is absolutely irresistible, especially if you’re the type that likes to watch movies. The image quality is absolutely superb in almost every frame imaginable, and with almost any source.


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Sony KD-75XD9405 Review – Delivering the Home Cinema Goods
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