Sony MDR-100ABN Review – Pleasingly High-End

Whenever you see the Sony MDR-100ABN, you might be brought into anticipation for you to use it every time. From the packaging, to the hard case that is found placed within, to the way the cables are packed, they all have an air of careful detailing placed all around them. Even the headphone itself is presented in a way that is worthy for a flagship device. However, one look at its price tag and it might force some to just shyly walk away from the unit. But those that don’t mind spending quite a bit for this pair of headphones, do know that you’re going to get your money’s worth and perhaps even more.

Sony MDR-100ABN Review - Pleasingly High-End

The Sony MDR-100ABN Has the Looks, the Finesse, the Performance, and the Price of a High-End Headphone

The design of the Sony MDR-100ABN is pleasingly simple; it’s not flashy but it can definitely turn heads. It has a neat, flowing design, with a combined sense of symmetry across every button layout, and your eyes will be brought to gaze upon absolute beauty. The headband and the earcups are a touch more suave than the rest of the headphone as it has Alcantara fabric and steel girders that offer a secure fit while still maintaining optimum levels of comfort.

Its entire design offering is a pleasant mix of high quality plastic and metal. It has a plastic overhead band, along with adjusters, that keep the underlying metal rails hidden. Furthermore, there are also plastic pivots that lead to the smooth plastic body of the earcups.

The MDR-100ABN comes with a weight of 290-grams, which is noticeably heavy than others, and even though it does deliver great comfort when wearing them, long listening sessions will make you notice that weight.

This particular headphone comes with an array of useful features such as Hi-Res Audio, a digital noise canceller with AI learning (to adapt to your surroundings), and LDAC codec support so you can play lossless audio. When using it in real life (and not just reading about the feature set on paper), the headphone is incredibly wide when talking about its frequency range. It offers plenty of detail in tracks, and the audio performance is pristine and suitably loud.

Overall, the Sony MDR-100ABN is one that can truly be called a flagship device, and it has the price to match that claim as well. It has a solid build, and has an overall sense of smoothness and symmetry about it in every which way. Its sound delivery is that of clarity and warmth, which means bass heads might want to look elsewhere.


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