Sony PlayStation 4 (Slim) Review – Loses Weight in More Places Than One

When the Sony PlayStation 4 (Slim) was brought into the world for all of the gaming community to ogle, people were wondering as to how will it perform in comparison to the original PS4. It comes into the market along with the more powerful PS4 Pro, but the slim version is, well, sleeker in terms of size and price.

Sony PlayStation 4 (Slim) Review - Loses Weight in More Places Than One

The Sony PlayStation 4 (Slim) Could be a More Solid Option for Gamers Looking to Save up on a Gaming Console

For the design, the Sony PlayStation 4 (Slim) is more-or-less like the original home gaming console from the Japanese tech firm. However, it shrinks just about everything down in a more compact package. Also, while the original model has sharp edges, this time around the edges are rounder.

As for the dimensions, the Sony PS4 (Slim) comes with measurements of 26.5 x 26.5 x 3.8-centimeters. For comparison’s sake, the original PlayStation 4 has dimensions of 27.5 x 30 x 5.3-centimeters. Looking at these figures, the new Slim version of the PlayStation 4 is about a-third smaller than what its predecessor has on offer in terms of size. It’s not only the size that gets a shave but also its weight as well.

Other changes include the material found in the exterior, as the original had shiny plastics with some matte parts, but this time around the Slim version is matte-black all over. Also, the top-mounted colored light bar indicator (which will show wake, sleep, and off statuses) has been removed but replaced with illuminated dots found just over the power button. Do note that these dots are more difficult to see than the light bar, so you may need to get a bit closer to the console to see them better.

How does it compare to Microsoft’s Xbox One S? Well, Sony didn’t answer to their long-time rival in the gaming department in terms of a Blu-ray player. However, the Japanese tech giant instead stuck with the original PS4’s standard full HD Blu-ray player. While it is still pretty much a strong deck, anyone owning a 4K TV that wants to upscale their videos might get disappointed.

So is the Sony PlayStation 4 (Slim) worth the buy? If this is your first time purchasing a PlayStation 4 unit, then it may probably be a worthwhile experience as there are some things that you won’t get to experience with the original PS4 model. However, if you already own the original model, then you would be hard-pressed to think about upgrading to the Slim version, unless you really want a smaller unit.


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Sony PlayStation 4 (Slim) Review – Loses Weight in More Places Than One
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