Sony – Talking One More Step for VR

Just recently, Sony, the Japanese tech giant, took one more step for the technology that is virtual reality as it just announced that Sony Pictures has partnered with Reality One. With the combination of developing teams, they will be able to develop and publish virtual reality content that will also be an expansion of Sony’s films. Furthermore, VR technology will be used for viewers to view original stand-alone content that has been developed by both aforementioned companies.

Sony - Talking One More Step for VR

Sony Pictures Partners With Reality One to Develop and Publish VR Content

With the partnership of Sony and Reality One, this actually comes to very little surprise for many. With the Japanese tech firm known for many of its hardware which has been highly-acclaimed around the globe, the rise of VR technology does give the firm an advantage as they would be able to fine-tune said technology to their tastes. By teaming up with the great minds found in Reality One, the Japanese tech company can now tackle the many challenges of virtual reality head on.

However, it should be noted that this is not the first time Sony, or Sony Pictures for that matter, has recognized its needs in developing virtual reality content should their plans for the market are to succeed. In fact, the company has already partnered with over 230-developers in order to create 50 VR titles for the PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset, called the PlayStation VR. The headset is expected to be released before the holiday season arrives.

It should also be noted that Sony has already sold more than 40-million of its PlayStation 4 consoles around the globe. In fact, the company is seen to sell even more with the upcoming release of the PS4 Pro. When you think about pairing a relatively inexpensive virtual reality headset with millions of compatible PlayStation 4 consoles, then that is sure to be a grand recipe for success.

During the company’s corporate strategy meeting that took place over the summer, Sony released a statement that virtual reality is an industry wherein the firm “believes it can leverage its technological strengths in areas such as digital imaging, content acquisition and production, as well as its entertainment assets.” It continued its statement by saying it plans on engaging in VR across the entirety of its Sony Group business. It also said that it is “considering the possibility of cultivating it as a new business domain.”


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