Sony – The Return of the Walkman Can Hurt Wallets

Sony is clearly targeting the high-end market as their new Hi-Res Audio product line features the return of the Walkman device. However, if you’re thinking about easily pulling out your wallet to pay for the new device, you might have to think it over for a bit. This is because the new model sports gold-plating, as well as a new headphone jack that aims to become an industry standard.

Sony – The Return of the Walkman Can Hurt Wallets

Hold Your Wallets First Before Purchasing the New Sony Walkman

The new Sony device for the Walkman line was recently unveiled over at the IFA technology show in Berlin. The device is joined by another variant within the same product line, and they do come with compatible headphones, as well as a standalone headphone amplifier. These items are designed to work in unison.

The flagship model is the Sony NW-WM1Z Walkman, and it features an oxygen-free unibody with a copper design and gold plating. As for the other “lower-priced” model, which is the NW-WM1A Walkman, it features an aluminum body. Furthermore, this other variant has half the storage than the pricier counterpart. Both units have support for expanded storage with the use of microSD cards.

With the coming of these two Walkman models, the Signature Series product range is now designed to boost the fledgling Hi-Res Audio format. It should be noted that the Japanese tech firm has championed over this format over the competition for many years. Why? Simply because Hi-Res Audio is able to deliver an overall better quality than what music CDs can handle. Furthermore, the quality of this audio format is definitely better than compressed sound formats such as MP3 and AAC.

Abel Makhras, the company’s head of Video and Sound for Australia, says that the firm sees Hi-Res Audio as a growth market. This is because young music listeners are now rediscovering the sound quality that has been lost over time due to compressed digital music. “As younger people embrace Hi-Res Audio, we’re seeing a growing demand for portable products and not just home hi-fi components,” according to the company executive. “When you look at the market the sales of $500+ headphones is a growing segment, an indicator that people are prepared more in search of quality.”

These new high-end Walkman devices are also the first Sony products that are able to feature a standard 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, as well as the new 4.4-millimeter balanced jack in which the company says that it will be the new standard for high-end portable devices that will be able to support Hi-Res Audio.


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