Sony XBR-65X930D Review – A Very Beautiful Alternative

What is the Sony XBR-65X930D? Well, if you’re looking for a television set that has the looks to fit in your home décor, this is it. And it’s not just its exteriors that’s impressive as the overall performance is just as good. It brings about inky blacks, superb color contrast, extreme levels of brightness, all in a package that is relatively lower than other, higher-end 65-inch TVs on the market. However, that isn’t to say that it is cheaper than the rest. In fact, it is still more expensive than others, especially when looking at same-sized TVs with similar offerings.

Sony XBR-65X930D Review - A Very Beautiful Alternative

With the Sony XBR-65X930D, The Positives Outweigh the Negatives

Aside from looking at OLED TVs, the Sony XBR-65X930D joins the ranks of the thinnest television sets on the planet. How “thick” is it? It only measures about half-an-inch for its depth. That’s for the upper half of the cabinet, but the bottom half only measures in at 1.38-inches. This is a very slim profile that does not fail to impress, especially when looking at it from the side.

When looking at it from the front, the TV looks suitably sleek and high-end. There is a very slim all-black frame that covers the panel, and you might even find it to be one of the most appealing design choices of the XBR-65X930D. The only thing breaking the design of this frame is a very small Sony logo that is above a small silver strip found at the bottom of the cabinet.

Moving forward to the remote, you would notice the sincere lack of a touchpad here. This is because this new remote is perhaps even better than that. Instead of using separate buttons, the remote uses its entire face with rubberized raised sections that will correspond the buttons. All of these sections are pleasantly tactile, but it doesn’t mean that there is a downside to using it. The remote is not backlit, which means controlling the TV from the dark might need some extra lighting from a nearby lamp or even your smartphone.

But when it comes to picture quality, the Sony XBR-65X930D definitely excels in this area. It is able to deliver superb overall image quality, as you will be able to take advantage of great color accuracy, very inky blacks, and a very satisfying light output. Overall, this is the type of TV that you can happily say, “it’s worth every penny.”


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