Sony XBR55X930D (2016) Review – Stop, Look, and Buy

A very outstanding high dynamic range (HDR) performance, a beautifully sleek design, an Android operating system, and a supremely impressive out-of-the-box picture performance and processing equates to that of the Sony XBR55X930D. One look at this beautiful 55-inch TV with regards to its design and performance will have you lusting over it that you might immediately want to reach out for your wallet, even if you don’t need a new TV at the moment. While it does have its fair share of shortcomings, such as a problem with regards to screen glare, the positive aspects of this unit far outweighs those of its negatives.

Sony XBR55X930D (2016) Review - Stop, Look, and Buy

The Sony XBR55X930D (2016) is Beautiful and Impressive

When you walk across a store where the Sony XBR55X930D is displayed, you might stop on your tracks as you will be graced with a super-slim stunner of a television set. Well, for the top at least. This is because when you travel down to the TVs rear side you will find the typical bump wherein most of its electronics are located. It does add an extra 15-millimeters to its overall thin design, but you won’t be looking at a TV for what’s behind it anyway. It’s what at the front that really counts.

The Sony XBR55X930D (2016) is certified Ultra HD Premium by the UHD Alliances. This means that it is supposed to be among the most advanced TVs of today. It is able to offer HDR support, 4K UHD resolution, as well as a Wide Color Gamut. And of course, its hardware specs on paper and in actual use make it one of the absolute best in the market.

When it comes to its HDR performance, it is a vital attribute to the entire experience for this television set. It delivers a significantly “punchier” color performance. There is a growing list of streaming services that offer HDR capable shows and movies such as Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and Netflix. There are even Ultra HD Blue-ray discs on offer that you might even have lying around your home. You can make use of this unit’s supreme performance in the HDR and 4K UHD department that it will make you to never want to look away from the display ever again (but don’t do it).

Even though the Sony XBR55X930D delivers absolute greatness in almost every way, the keyword here is “almost.” It is quite a disappointment that the display has no effective anti-glare coating on it. Hence, it will certainly be bright enough when the sun is shining down through your windows.


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