Sony XBR55X930D Review – Might Make You Reach for Your Wallet

So what are you going to get with the Sony XBR55X930D? Well, you’ll get less edge light bleeding, more uniform brightness, better black levels, less halo effect, and a really good processing for HDR as well as Wide Color Gamut. Throw these all together into one package and you will have one of the most desirable 4K UHD TVs the Japanese tech manufacturer has ever produced. What’s even better is that you can get this unit at a price point that is far less than your average OLED TV.

Sony XBR55X930D Review - Might Make You Reach for Your Wallet

The Sony XBR55X930D is Like a Dream Come True

Right out of the box, you will immediately notice that the Sony XBR55X930D is going for that “thin is in” trend as this TV is indeed a super-slim one; well, at the top at the very least. When you travel downwards, you will get to feel that all the guts in terms of its processing power. This “bump” does add approximately 15-millimeters to what could be otherwise a very slim profile, which is only 10-millimeters at its top. However, that bump does not do away with its supreme presence as being an ultra-stylish TV. In other words, this is a set that can easily turn heads.

It even sports a rather near cable management system that will allow for a cleaner look so you don’t have to be bothered by all those wires and cords sticking out of the unit. Sure, most people wouldn’t bother looking at the rear end of a TV, but there are times when unruly cables do get in the way in otherwise letting you enjoy what you’re watching.

The Sony X930D is a certified Ultra HD Premium unit by the UHD Alliances, in which it is to say that it is supposed to be using among the latest technologies for a TV to have in modern times. It is able to deliver Wide Color Gamut, HDR, and 4K resolution. If you’re worried that all of these offerings mean nothing because of its hardware specs, then fear not as Sony made sure that you’re getting the best experience, both inside and out of the device.

Skeptics should take note that the Japanese tech manufacturer, whatever the magic they placed within the Sony XBR55X930D, will make you hard-pressed to catch the LED edgelights in the act. When watching your shows in common viewing scenarios, the company did manage to keep the light blooms and halos to a bare minimum. Overall, this TV is worth its price, and perhaps even more.


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Sony XBR55X930D Review – Might Make You Reach for Your Wallet
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