Sony Xperia X Review – Unappealing and Overpriced

2016 is the year of impressive smartphones as we are graced with the HTC 10, the Samsung Galaxy S7, and some other notables, then there’s the Sony Xperia X. In one word, it is a disappointment; even though it does have a new name, this is just more of the same from the Japanese tech manufacturer. This mid-ranged handset has a price tag that even matches that of the LG G5, and that it is an impressive high-end smartphone.

Sony Xperia X Review - Unappealing and Overpriced

The Price Tag of the Sony Xperia X Baffles the Mind

In terms of looks, you would be hard-pressed to find any differences between the Sony Xperia X and the Z3+, and the M5, and the Z3, and just about every other phone that Japanese tech firm has released in the past five years. While the looks of it does work, it just shows that the company is losing it in terms of imagination. For its front and back, both sides are flat, and the sides are slightly rounded with pronounced corners. The smartphone is not on the thin side, nor is it really thick. It is still fairly compact as it is quite easy to grip it with one hand.

Found on the side of the phone has an elongated lock button wherein the fingerprint sensor is located. It is joined with the dedicated camera button and a volume rocker. While these display the iconic Sony style, users might have a problem with each of these control functions.

To start, the fingerprint scanner is mushy. In other words, it is quite unreliable. When you can get it to work, it does offer a suitable level of performance, but then again IF you can make it work. When it comes to the volume rocker, Sony decided to do something different for the Xperia X and placed that near the bottom. Innovative? Yes. Cumbersome? Also a yes. As for the camera button, it is just like the other control functions on this device as it feels mushy. It also requires quite a bit of pressure to push down.

Display is pretty decent, and when you take a look at the features for the screen then you will be met with a lot of technical jargon. But all you need to know that it offers pretty good images, and it is even one of the better ones on the market. It sports a 1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolution that is spread over a 5-inch touch capacitive screen.

But its display is not enough to outweigh all the negatives that you can find on the Sony Xperia X. It is placed at a far too expensive price point for features that are lacking in some areas and an awful button placement at the sides. Do yourself a favor and skip this one, even if you are a Sony fan.


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