Spinner Music – Free Music App Review

With the Spinner Music mobile application, it aims to “change the way you experience music.” With this tagline, it is bound to tickle your curiosity. So what can you get with this audio streaming application? First of all, do know that there is a free version or you can opt for a premium access (dubbed All Access) to experience all of the features. When you still want to try out the app, you might just want to go for the free version first, but do know the features are very limited. All Access will give you all of the features that the service has to offer.

Spinner Music - Free Music App Review

Spinner Music Promotes Free and All Access Versions

For the free version, Spinner Music lets you listen for free. Also, you will already have unlimited skipping of tracks, and you can even download the tracks for free directly into your Android device. But do note that the downloaded tracks can only be played within this app and not any other audio playing apps out there.

For the All Access subscription, the Spinner Music app gives you access to even more songs. Furthermore, you can create your own personal playlists in which you cannot do when you only opt for the free version. You can also download music straight into your mobile device.

You must be thinking that you can already download audio from the app even when you don’t pay a cent. That is true, but when you opt for the All Access subscription, you will be able to sync your downloaded audio across all devices. The premium offering also offers no advertisements between tracks, no data charges, and users will even get the chance to win concert tickets from popular bands and artists.

How does this compare with the likes of Spotify and Deezer? In truth, the app is still far from attaining the star-studded value of Spotify, but it doesn’t mean that it has the potential to catch up. The app offers a good number of promising features, and the playback of songs, along with the list of tracks available within its database, is more than satisfactory to keep you listening from hours on end.

So does this mean that Spinner Music is a bad app? Not in the slightest; in fact, it is one of the better audio streaming apps out there. Even though you would have to deal with ads every now and then when you opt for the free version, listening and moving around through the GUI of the app is nothing short of a breeze.


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