Spinrilla – Free Music App Review

Spinrilla is dubbed as the “800-pound gorilla of free hip-hop mixtapes.” With the mobile application, you will be able to gain access to literally thousands of hip-hop mixtapes, and you can easily access them right from your mobile device. And perhaps the best part about this app is that it is completely free to download and install. So if you’re into hip-hop and would love to discover music within the genre, then there’s literally no consequence into trying this app out.

Spinrilla – Free Music App Review

The Spinrilla App Lets You Discover New Music in the Hip-Hop Genre

Aside from the app being completely free to download, users of Spinrilla will be able to download the songs for free. Therefore, you will be able to listen to your favorite tracks even without the use of an Internet connection. You can also create playlists from your favorite artists and DJs. However, according to the description found within the app’s Google Play page, if the track seems to stop repeatedly, it would mean that the device is connected within a rather slow Internet connection. Hence, it is advised to just download the track instead to listen to it offline.

Those who are into the hip-hop music genre will definitely love the Spinrilla app. However, if there would be one caveat when using the app, it doesn’t warn you if you’ve already downloaded the same file. Hence, you might already be downloading duplicates without the app telling you it’s already inside your offline library.

As for the graphical user-interface of the app, it is nothing short of simple. The design of the app clearly screams hip-hop and those who are really into the genre would find this design choice to be top-notch. But if you’re looking for an app that would play songs found in other music genres, such as jazz or R&B, then you might want to take a look at other apps found in Google Play to suffice your musical cravings.

But for those who really love hip-hop, Spinrilla is your best app to listen to your old favorite tracks and even discover new ones. Just be careful when downloading tracks because you might not know if you’ve already downloaded it before. Downloading the app costs absolutely nothing, so there’s literally no consequence for you to try it out. So why not give it a go? Who knows, you might not let go off the app and stick with it. You might even find it to be your number 1 music player.


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Spinrilla – Free Music App Review
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