Spotify – Great Soundtracks from the New Gaming Portal

If you love soundtracks from games, then you will absolutely adore the new gaming portal in Spotify. Have you ever played your videogames and wondered where can you get those awesome soundtracks that’s being played as you place goals in Rocket League, or when you’re beating your enemies in Shadow of Mordor, or even when you’re racking up coins as the classic 8-bit music of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World plays on the background? With this new portal, now you can. The gaming portal in the popular music streaming service has just recently been released, and it has already been accompanied by the soundtracks of some really well-known titles in the gaming industry.

Spotify - Great Soundtracks from the New Gaming Portal

Enjoy Videogame Soundtracks With Sportify Gaming

The absolute best part about the new gaming portal in Spotify is that it is now your one-stop shop for videogame soundtracks. There is already a large collection of orchestral triple-A titles that can be heard in said portal, and you can even find the aforementioned 8-bit music of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World in there as well. There are so many to choose from that it might confuse you where to begin.

In Spotify Gaming, it has coalesced curated playlists from different artists and bands, and there are even original soundtracks that do come from the game themselves. There are even some playlists that can be found in this portal that are curated by eSports celebrities, such as Day[9]. which is the commentator to Starcraft II tournaments. Aside from the official soundtracks from videogames, the other playlists are sourced tracks from the streaming service for specific types of games (or gaming genres).

One surprising immediate addition to this new portal is the soundtrack to the just recently released No Man’s Sky. The game is about going about the different planets, searching them for various, undiscovered flora and fauna, and ultimately heading towards the center of the universe. The tracks in the game are breathtaking, which should be as the game’s vastness is just that.

There are also other notable mentions found within the new gaming portal in Spotify. These include the soundtracks from Bastion, FEZ: Disasterpiece, Axiom Verge, Undertale, and for the classic JRPG fans outs there, there is also the various tracks from Chrono Trigger. It is said that, at the time of writing, that this is a light tasting of what the service for gaming music actually offers. Hence, we might be expecting more in the near future.


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