Spotify – How to Become a Better User

It is known that Spotify is now one of the best ways to discover and listen to music today. It is quite easy to use, and it has a huge (which is actually an understatement) collection of music that are from major and independent labels. It even has an offline mode wherein you can save the songs into your mobile device so that you can take your favorite tunes with you while driving in your car or when taking the bus ride home. But do note that such a feature only works with a premium subscription.

Spotify - How to Become a Better User

Ways to Become a Better Spotify User

To start, if you want to kick off your week with brand new tracks in your Spotify account, you can do so by going to the music streaming application’s revolutionary Discover Weekly playlist. Every week on a Monday, the service will create a new playlist that will last for approximately two hours. These will all be music that will be based off of what you’ve been listening to recently when using the app. It also gathers information from what other people are listening to that do have similar tastes of what you have been recently playing. This is a great way to get a hold of new tracks and maybe even rekindle the spark of liking some old favorites.

There are also other ways to discover new music in Spotify, and you can even watch what your friends are listening on as well. If you have a friend in Facebook that seems to share a similar love for the type of music that you’re listening to, and it would seem that they get a hold of finding the best new tracks first, then you can link your Facebook profile to your account in the music streaming service. Found in the right-hand pane of the desktop application, select “Find Friends” in order to track your social media friends that are also using the app.

But what if I don’t want to let my Facebook friends know what I’m currently listening to in Spotify? In order to temporarily hide your presence while listening to your music, you can click your name found in the top-right corner of the application’s window then selecting “Private Session.” It will last until you exit the program and reopen it. You can also manually disable the feature if you don’t want to exit and re-opening the program.


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Spotify – How to Become a Better User
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