Spotify – How to Use the Music Streaming Service More Effectively

Once you are able to start Spotify, and if it’s your first time doing so, you might be overwhelmed of the many things that you can do with it, not to mention with the vast array of tracks that you can listen to. The service is a great way to listen to pretty much any music in just about any genre available, and just for a very reasonable monthly subscription fee. However, there are ways for you to enhance that experience so that you can get a kick out of it even more.

Spotify - How to Use the Music Streaming Service More Effectively

Learn How to Use Spotify More Effectively

Step 1 – Did you know you can import your iTunes playlists into Spotify? If you didn’t, well now you do. In order to do this, first open up your iTunes and then go to Preferences, and then head on to Advanced. Then, tick the box that’s been marked with “Share iTunes Library XML with other applications.” Now head on to Spotify and click on File. In the drop down menu, head on to Import Playlists, and then iTunes. It will then start the process of importing your tracks from iTunes into the music streaming service so you don’t have to open up another software just to listen to your favorite tracks.

Step 2 – Aside from importing your iTunes playlists, you can also link your Facebook account in Spotify. You might notice that there are share buttons found all over the music streaming application. This would allow you to share the tracks you like with those within your social media accounts. The simplest way to share your favorite tracks to the world is by linking your Facebook account. While in the app, just go to the View menu, and then ensure that Friend Feed is enabled.

Step 3 – But what if you want a bit of privacy when you’re listening to your favorite tracks? Well, you can also do that by heading towards the upper right corner of the application. Clicking the drop down arrow will let a popup menu appear. Click on Private Session to do just that.

Step 4 Spotify brings users updated things from time-to-time, and the latest feature to add to that list is the new gaming soundtrack portal. If you’re into videogame music, then why not check it out. You might even get a kick of nostalgia with music coming from Red Alert or Chrono Trigger.


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Spotify – How to Use the Music Streaming Service More Effectively
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