Spotify – Top Music Streaming Service on the Market

Music streaming has seen a rise ever since mobile data has reached speeds that let you comfortably listen to music streamed through the internet, among many streaming services, Spotify has risen to become one of the top streaming apps thanks to its popularity and versatile features. Starting out as a desktop site, which became a desktop app, which later was ported to iOS and Android along with inter-operability between desktop and mobile versions, switching interfaces with music playing is just a click of a button.

Spotify - Top Music Streaming Service on the Market

Spotify Amassed Popularity Over a Short Span of Time

Spotify’s UI is a reflection of how it works as the web and desktop version of the app, with a nice and clean black on dark gray UI with green color accents, it helps show off the album or playlist cover that the author published. Opening the app you are greeted with the home screen offering quick links to featured playlists at the moment. This is nice to have since it changes depending on the day and what time of day it is; morning commute playlists in the morning, productivity-boosting tracks in the afternoon, and late night jams at night. Playlists are presented via large cover arts and at the bottom is the now playing bar that pops up if you have music playing in the background. The sidebar has your search, shortcut to home, browse button, radio, and an option to play your own library in the app. Tapping on the now playing bar brings you to the now playing view which features a large cover art taking up around 60% of the screen along with your playback buttons, seekbar, and other buttons for going back to playlist view, adding to your library and more options.

Features of the app include offline mode where you can save a playlist beforehand whilst connected to be able to listen to saved tracks when a mobile connection is not available. The Spotify mobile app has great social media integration such as login with Facebook, so whoever logs in to Spotify with their Facebook accounts can easily populate your “who to follow” list which allows you to discover new tracks that your friends are listening to. Playlist radio plays a chosen genre or artist with the tracks shuffled across different playlists to mix things up. The “your library” consists of the songs you’ve saved on the device as well as your listening history. Aside from those, the greatest feature is the deep music catalog, great sound quality and going for premium is offered at a really low price.

The feature-packed Spotify can hold its own against Pandora thanks to its top-notch music streaming service quality. It may have a few shortcomings that’s attributed to collaborations and exclusive rights, but overall, it’s still a highly recommended mobile app.


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